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Chatime Houston has successful partnered with Slurping Noodles for the past year,
we’d like to continue this relationship for many great years to come.

Chatime Texas

Chatime Tea After 12 years of development, Hexagon International has created a global chain of restaurants that spans four continents, more than twenty-nine regions and countries, and more than eighty cities. Hexagon International has a global presence. The rapid development of the market was recognized and supported by corporate investment. It was listed on Taiwan on January 20, 2015.

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  • Global Supply China
  • R & D

International brands on four continents, open in 35 countries around the world, have more than 1,500 stores.

Strength background, Chatime belongs to the Taiwan listed group Hexagon International

International food certification, the world's 35 countries food certification, international quality double certification.

Science and technology tea, through the three-set technology: timing, constant temperature, quantitative, maintain the highest quality.

Chatime TX Development Group concentrates on developing Texas market.


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Science and technology tea

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