Chatime (Taiwan Chain Tea Company)

Chatime is a subsidiary of La Kaffa International Co., Ltd., and Chatime is a franchise chain of tea companies in Taiwan. Established in 2015, it is the largest tea franchiese in the world. The headquarters is located in Taiwan. Chatime products include more than a hundred of the world's top tea products, handmade bubble tea, a variety of hot and cold tea beverages, fresh and delicious food. Chatime has nearly 2,100 locations spread throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Pacific

Where It Began

Established in 2004, La Kaffa International Co., Ltd. has not only opened takeout cafes, but also has been expanding its products and brands. Now there are six brands in total, including Chatime, ZenQ Dessert, La Kaffa Coffee, Wagokoro Tonkatsu Anzu Ginza, Bake Code, and Chatime Lounge, which respectively provide products and services of tea, Taiwanese traditional desserts, coffee, set meals, bakery products, and Chinese food. While continuing to expand these brands, La Kaffa has also created original brands or introduced new ones. Since 2014, La Kaffa has become the Taiwan distributor of the popular Wagokoro Tonkatsu Anzu Ginza from Japan, rapidly expanding stores around Taiwan in two years. In 2015, La Kaffa obtained the management right of the famous beef noodle brand, Duan Chun Zhen, outside of Hsinchu region, from where the brand originates. In the same year, Chatime Lounge was established to provide selected tea, featuring fashionable image and high quality. By introducing instant and refillable milk tea packs to be sold in physical stores and its own stores, La Kaffa has successfully entered the consumer industry.

La Kaffa has conquered the world with boba milk tea. This tea brand has been expanded into more than 80 cities in more than 29 countries and regions, crossing four continents. It has become the top takeout tea brand in Australia and Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. The company has also entered Dubai, Middle East. It has been actively expanding the new markets in Asia-Pacific, including Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Guam. Some major regions in North America, including New York, Florida, California, Toronto, and Vancouver, are also where it has stepped in. It has successfully crossed the southern hemisphere to the markets in New Zealand and Fiji, and English Channel to London, UK, and Paris, France, in continental Europe. La Kaffa has thus become the most internationalized Chinese chain food group in the world. Chatime tea too brand, emphasizing the concept of health and exquisite Taiwanese tea, including a variety of milk tea and a variety of selected fresh fruit tea, and through the simplification, standardization and professional production process, the introduction of "technology” to the concept of tea drinks, through the single set of mechanization, will deliver the highest quality of each cup to consumers.

Chatime attaches great importance to the quality of each cup of tea. It pays attention to every detail that affects the taste, and flavor of the tea. Technology, timing, temperature is controlled and studied to maintain the highest quality, and to instill a fresh and sweet taste.

Through a drink, you can convey true sincerity and true prosperity. Pray for the happiness of each customer through the beverages and services we provide.

We will never compromise on a good quality drink. Use high quality raw materials and provide them with sincerity. Our mission is to make customers feel happy and provide genuine hospitality. In order to provide this kind of service, we do not relax our efforts. we train employees to respect each other, develop their abilities, maintain a positive attitude, and create a good working environment. Our goal is that customers, employees, and all those involved can share our happiness and proudly convey it to everyone. What makes people happy is when you meet genuine things.

Guiding Principles

1. Provide a complete working environment and create a working atmosphere of mutual respect and mutual trust

2. Upholding diversity is an important principle of our business operations

3. Using the highest standards to purchase baking, and provide the freshest coffee

4. Meet customer needs with a high degree of enthusiasm

5. Actively contribute to the community and the environment

6. Recognize that profitability is the foundation of our future success.

Branded Advantages

Professional management team

Professional logistics distribution to maintain product quality, ensure the store adequate raw materials, fresh and timely delivery every day.

The on-site counselor knows from time to time on a weekly basis, interacts with the store owner, and keeps track of the store's condition.

Weekly Business Meetings Weekly Counselors Regular meetings with immediate response and prompt response.

Professional R&D team

The professional R&D team has a deep understanding of the evolution of the national market and consumer trends for fashion tea. Through the professional and dynamic graphic design team, the most professional, most innovative and most distinctive brand storefronts are presented.

Complete and transparent data

Shops use professional production equipment, greatly reducing the chance of error, and more importantly, through standard operations, to ensure that each cup of product allows customers to use the peace of mind. The use of advanced POS systems, timely mastery of business conditions, data analysis through data sources, and a more optimal direction for future operations.

Comfortable consumption space

A unified brand store display, bright shop space, so that customers can clearly see the fresh production process, so that each customer is attentive and rest assured. Through the company's professional training, not only provide a high sensitivity and comfortable space, strict selection of fresh drinks, more professional service attitude. Kiwi stores, not only give you the best, but also create every move you spend.

Professional instructor training

The company has professional lecturers from Taiwan, all have more than 3 years of training and led the team experience, has a considerable theoretical and practical experience, through their training, to ensure that the clerk on the operation of the store handy.

Chatime Tea too distant

In the future, it will continue to be the vane of the tea industry in the ice industry. We will try our best to operate each store and deploy each cup of tea. We will continue to pursue progress, create every consumer touch and bring every customer the best consumer experience.